VanOverbeke, Michaud & Timmony, P.C. is committed to assisting our clients in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities by providing quality legal services and administrative support to public employee pension systems, disability plans, and health and welfare plans.

Our focus on public employee benefits law enables us to provide comprehensive services uniquely tailored to the needs of our public fund clients. We are prepared to provide timely advice on legal issues in areas such as public pension, health care, disability, municipal, domestic relations, labor, tax and trust law.

Our office is well acquainted with public employee benefits plans and understands what effect collective bargaining agreements and applicable federal and state laws have on an employee benefits plan. In addition, the firm is experienced in dealing with actuaries, financial consultants and money managers, and understands their relationship and responsibilities.

As a firm specializing in public employee benefits law, VanOverbeke, Michaud & Timmony, P.C. takes a pro-active approach in representing its clients and is willing and able to assist you and your administrative support staff in all aspects of administration, operation, and management of the fund.


VanOverbeke, Michaud & Timmony, P.C. represents over fifty (50) public employee retirement systems, health care plans and employee benefit plans as general counsel. The firm is general counsel to the Michigan Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems (MAPERS). The firm also represents numerous public employee retirement systems and health care plans on an as-needed, special counsel or of-counsel basis. (See client lists here.)

We welcome the opportunity to issue legal opinions, to provide legal research and advice, and to consult with advisors, consultants and/or actuaries when appropriate.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact this office. Thank you.


VanOverbeke, Michaud & Timmony, P.C.’s focus on public employee benefits law allows the firm to provide comprehensive services, including:

Benefit Administration

Internal Revenue Service Compliance

Investment Compliance/Coordination


Real Estate Transactions

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Our role as counsel is to assist our clients in fulfilling their responsibilities and to provide quality legal services which are solely in the interest of the plan and trust. Our duty is to inform our clients of their legal options in accordance with the Retirement System provisions, applicable collective bargaining agreements and state and federal laws, including tax laws and regulations.